Judah Sikamikami scholarships

Following their excellent performance in the Grade 7 & 9 examinations, the following six learners have been awarded the 2022 Judah Sikamikami scholarships.

Scholarships for G8 & G9

Harrison Miller (highest score by a boy); Patience Dowati (highest score by a girl); Prosper Sinyinza (most improvement during 2021).

Scholarships for G10, G11 & G12

Roiness Kabisa (highest score by a girl); Benjamin Muchimba (highest score by a boy); Lydia Mulundika (most improvement during 2021).

(Judah Sikamikami was Mukwashi’s first head teacher, and the directors award six scholarships each year in his name for hard work and academic attainment. Each scholarship provides the recipient with a free place at the school for the next stage of their learning.)