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We provide the highest-possible quality of education for your child at a very affordable price.

We are a licensed pre, primary and secondary school founded in 2006. We educate learners from age 3 right through to Grade 12.

Our school operates as a charity, so there isn’t an owner trying to make a profit from your children’s education.

We are a national examination centre for Grades 7, 9 & 12.

We provide a ‘catch up’ class, with its own full-time teacher, for children who start schooling late.

‘Mukwashi Trust School is registered with the Ministry of General Education, and is a non-profit making private school. I recommend Mukwashi Trust School for the humanitarian work they are doing for the vulnerable children in the community.’

Father Benjamin Chisulo, District Education Board Secretary

Why you should choose Mukwashi for your child:

We hope your child will become a life-long learner who makes a significant difference to our nation through serving their community.

Our learners obtain higher marks than children at other schools. 1n 2021, 88% of our G7s were awarded Division 1 or 2, when the national average was 44%; and 75% of our G9s gained a School Certificate, when the national average (including boarding schools) was  54%.

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To reserve a place for your child, contact:

The Head Teacher
Mukwashi Trust School Ltd,
PO Box 35310, Lusaka West.

+260 97 957 9255



Just finished as a learner at Mukwashi Trust School

“My name is Precious Likela. I have just completed my studies at Mukwashi and gained my School Certificate – which means I can proceed to further education.  I passed seven subjects, and gained a Merit in English, RE and Agriculture.

My parents had no money so could not pay for me to attend school; but the Mukwashi teachers found me, arranged for me to have a bursary, and I spent ten lucky years learning at Mukwashi.

A while ago, two friends and I opened a local club to sensitise the community on the dangers of early marriages, teenage pregnancies and drug abuse. I hope to get a job which will pay me enough to buy tailoring machines for the club to help local youth earn a living.

I also plan to engage local youth in agricultural activities  to discourage them from smoking, drug abuse and under age sex. Finally, of course, I hope to obtain a scholarship to further my studies.”

‘All my children have gone through Mukwashi because I saw its value. My first born is now studying civil engineering in Morocco due to his solid foundation from Mukwashi Trust School.’

Mrs Old, Parent