Our Fees

Running any school costs money, but it costs much more to provide pupils with a high-quality education.

We provide our pupils with one of the best educations in Zambia. In 2021, this will cost us over K1,000,000 in running costs (power, food, repairs, etc), equipment, books and salaries.

We run the school as a charity, so there aren’t any owners trying to make money for themselves from educating children. Instead, the school has friends overseas who cover half our costs. They give so we can keep our fees as low as possible.

This means you can buy a Mukwashi education for your child which is worth three times the price you actually pay.

We charge fees per term, and you must pay for the whole term in advance at the start of every term.

 Our fees & hours for 2021


Fees must be paid in full at the start of each term. Parents who are paid monthly may make a signed, formal agreement with the school to pay each term’s fees in two instalments; and parents paid fortnightly may make a signed, formal agreement to pay each term’s fees in four instalments.


  • FEES:
  • Early Years:

    (One session per day)   K495                                  (Both sessions per day)  K750

  • Primary:

    (Reception – Grade 7)  K495

  • Secondary:

    (Grades 8 – 12)  K795

  • HOURS:
  • Early Years:

    7:00am – 12noon

    12:50 – 4:10pm

  • Grades R – 3:

    7:00am – 12noon

  • Grades 4 – 7:

    12:50pm – 4:10pm

  • Grades 8 – 12:

    7:50am – 3:20pm

  • Catch Up:

    Lower Primary – 7:00am – 12:00noon          Upper Primary – 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Mukwashi Food Programme 

We provide pupils with a free daily snack or light meal which is as nutritious as possible. 

Mukwashi School Uniform 

Your child must wear our simple and affordable school uniform —- which you can buy either at the school or at the City Clothing Factory in Lusaka.

Please note: at the request of parents, we are slowly changing our uniform. You may use the current uniform until it wears out or is outgrown, but please buy only items from the new uniform.

Mukwashi School Bus 

We provide a daily bus service to and from school. This runs between Mwembeshi and Garden House at the start and end of each day, and between Farmers’ Bar and Kalundu during the day.

We charge K20 per week for pupils joining the bus between Mwembeshi and Kalundu, and K40 per week for those joining between Kalundu and Garden House. You must pay the fare weekly in advance at school. 

The bus is free for bursary pupils.

Mukwashi Bursary Fund 

We offer a 30% fee discount to pupils whose parents, together, earn less than K1,000 per month. 

We offer 55 free places to pupils who are orphans, or whose parents are both unemployed, or whose parents, together, earn less than K500 per month.