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New Beginnings

New head master

A special welcome to Ms Mulemba Sakuwaha — our dynamic new Head Teacher! Mulemba is new to the role but not to Mukwashi, as she’s been working here as a teacher since 2009. She became Deputy Head in 2016, and has now been appointed Acting Head Teacher. 

Before coming to Mukwashi, Mulemba spent part of her childhood in the UK before returning to Zambia. She trained at St Mary’s Teachers’ College in Tanzania, and served as the Academic Dean at St. Mary’s International School in Dar es Salaam. We are very fortunate to have such a committed, capable and dynamic person at the helm.  

New head master

‘I feel privileged to be part of the Mukwashi team. As someone who has lived in the community for over 25 years, I hope to contribute to its progress by helping our children receive a top quality education. This breaks down their barriers to opportunity, and all children deserve to receive this precious gift whatever their background or status in society.’ 

We are growing…

When Mukwashi first opened its classroom doors back in 2006, there were three staff. This year, there is a team of twenty, including a cook for our school food programme!   

Garden blooming
Our school ‘market garden’ is ready for our 2021 school food programme.
These days, there’s always someone looking at their phone and not paying attention! Our 2021 smiling staff team (and Mr Mwachiyaba playing with his shiny new toy).

We are thrilled to introduce four new members of staff!  

Please meet Ms Esther Mubita, our first dedicated PE teacher, who is working with pupils from Grade 4 to 12.  


Say ‘Hello’ to Ms Mutinta Mwanamwambwa, our ‘literacy and numeracy’ specialist who is working with our ‘Catch-Up’ pupils. She teaches and supports the children who started school late and need extra help for a few terms.  

Here’s Mr Francis Mphande, who has replaced Mr Jumo as our Accounts and Commerce teacher for Grades 10-12. 

And a very special welcome to Ms Orient Habasimbi who is our first Catering Officer. You’ll find her in the kitchen preparing and serving all the nutritious snacks and meals for our pupils and staff at our three different lunch breaks.  

Recruiting more skilled and dedicated staff for the school benefits everyone. It provides employment opportunities to people in the local community, reduces the workload of teachers, and, most importantly, ensures pupils receive a high-quality education from skilled and qualified teachers!  

An Inside Look

Books for Mukwashi

While pupils waited for the start of the covid-delayed 2021 school year, our staff were busy scrubbing, painting and preparing classrooms, books, toilets and grounds for the re-opening.  

During the closure, we also bought over fifty new single desks from the Central Prison workshop to maximise social distancing, and over 2,000 new Oxford University Press textbooks in all subject areas (except Agriculture) for our upper primary and secondary pupils. 

We want our children, their families and the whole community to know – from the minute the step through the main gate — Mukwashi is dedicated to the highest possible standards in everything.  

Building Foundations

Early Learning Centre

For over fourteen years, the Mukwashi school day has been dictated by the classroom space we have available. Now, thanks to a lot of hard work during the winter break (and much overseas generosity), we‘ve been able to transform the school day for everyone. 

We’ve converted a staff home into a special unit for our Early Years’ service; and, on 1st February, our youngest pupils started learning in their new ‘home’. This new unit includes a large classroom, purpose-built toilets and a small ‘nap’ room (our EY teachers will be needing this), and offers care and learning for 25 three and four-year-old children from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm.  

This means we have freed a classroom in the primary school, and, consequently, all our upper primary pupils are now learning at the same time in four classrooms (from 7:00 am to 12:00 noon), and then our lower primary children can use the same four classrooms from 12:50 pm to 4:10 pm. Plus, all our secondary school pupils can now learn simultaneously in our other five classrooms (from 8:40 am to 3:20 pm).  

If this wasn’t enough change, we also converted an old staffroom into a new classroom for our Catch-Up Class — and hired a full-time specialist teacher to help children who have had a late start to school, or an interrupted education, with the skills to ‘catch up’ with their literacy and numeracy!  

Bringing Style to Mukwashi

girls uniform

After 14 years, our pupils are smartening up! Check out Mukwashi’s new uniform for primary school pupils. We’ve retained the same colours and gingham check pattern, but freshened up the style. If you’re not sure, the old uniform is on the left and the new is on the right. The new uniform will be introduced gradually over the next couple of years, so parents can obtain the maximum wear from any old uniforms. 

Wearing a school uniform is a badge of pride; it helps create an identify for a school and its pupils, and it reduces the visibility of any differences in family incomes. We think our pupils will be making quite an impression in the area in their new look.  

You know you’re getting old when….


You can imagine our delight (and surprise) when a former pupil, Juliet Machuku, walked into the office to enrol her daughter, Beauty, in our Early Years’ class!  

Beauty will be our first ‘second generation’ pupil, and we hope she does as well as her mum. 

When Juliet was a pupil, she was a member of the ‘Mukwashi Mabonitos’: this was our salsa dance team which performed at several Fiesta Latinas and represented the school on national television. We think it’s a good sign when a former pupil wants her daughter to follow in her educational footsteps.  

Juliet (far left) with some of her fellow Mukwashi Mabonitos 

Registered, Ready & Results

Grade 12

This past December, for the first time in fourteen years, Mukwashi’s certificate level pupils (Grades 7, 9 and 12) completed the national exams in their own classrooms!  

This is a huge step forward for the school, and a welcome change for our children and young people who, until now, have always had to travel long distances by bus to sit the national exams. We were also happy (and a little smug) to welcome pupils from the non-registered schools in the region who came to sit their exams with us.  

Grade 12
Some of our Grade 12 class, minutes after they’d finished their final exam on 29th December.  

We’ll include the results here when they are announced…. 

Mr Ernest Kaveya


Former pupil, Ernest Kaveya, recently graduated with a first degree in electro-mechanical engineering, industrial systems and geo-resources. He completed all his undergraduate studies in Morocco with a government scholarship, and is now hoping to pursue a master’s degree. 


Former pupil returns to teach


Ms Diana Chongo, one of our former pupils, recently graduated from Kwame Nkrumah University with a BA in education. We are delighted to welcome her back to the school as a teacher. Diana will be the maternity cover for Ms Jolly Moono in Term One. 

To prepare for her role, Diana is currently enrolled in a course through Washington University called “Positive Behaviour Support for Young Children”. 

Diana is in the middle of our alumni group photo

Exam time


December 2020 was the first time our secondary pupils had not needed to travel elsewhere to sit their exams! We are now officially licensed as a national examination centre for all primary and secondary grades, and were very happy to welcome pupils from other schools (they are in the burgundy trousers) to sit their exams with us.

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