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Imakando Sikamikami

Imakando Sikamikami

Best memory: “I will never forget being part of the Mukwashi Mambonitos (the school’s salsa club) and performing at the annual fundraiser in Lusaka city centre. In my year, we were raising money to build the secondary classroom. It was a great opportunity to contribute to my amazing school.”

Now what? “I’m at Kazan National Research Technological University in Russia, studying software engineering. My dream is to become one of the best IT specialists in Zambia.”

Namoonga Hamweemba

Namoonga Hamweemba

Best memory: “I loved the monthly special Fridays! They gave us a chance to spend time with learners in other grades while participating in all kinds of activities — sports, arts, debate.” 

Now what? “I’m studying Radiology and hope to build a career which allows me to be independent and successful so that I can help my family. There are a lot of challenges in life, but I take them as a way of learning.” 

Salifyanji Nakaona

Salifyanji nutrition support group supervisor

Best memory: “Being selected to contest for head girl — and the fun moments in the play park with my school mates.“

Now what? “After secondary school, I gained a diploma in food science at the Natural Resources Development College. I’m now a nutrition technologist working with World Vision International.”

Nicholas Mwashibulukwa

Nicholas Mwashibulukwa

Best memory: “The thing I value most about Mukwashi, apart from the thinking skills and knowledge I gained, are the friendships I made. Those friends became family to me, and are still part of my life. I also loved the morning cup of porridge which stopped the grumbling stomach. I looked forward to it every day.“

Now what? “I’m a husband and a father to a little girl. I live in Lusaka, and have a workshop where my brother and I design, make and sell decorative home & garden furniture. It’s not been easy, but I am hopeful things will improve. My goal is to have a thriving business and to take care of my family.”

Teddy Muchimba

Teddy Muchimba

Best memory: “When we went to Parays Game Park across the road and got to swim in the pool – and cooking in the bush on a special Friday: that was awesome.”

Now what? ”I’m studying veterinary medicine at the Institute of Veterinary and Agronomy in Rabat, Morocco. It was the old head teacher who told me about this opportunity.”

Zelipah Mbewe

Zelipah Mbewe

Best memory: “The first time I visited  Lusaka National Museum — in Grade 7 with my classmates.”

Now what? “I’m a police officer with Lusaka Central Police. I’m also studying physiotherapy at Evelyn Hone College.”

Special Friday

Once a month on a Friday, there’s a special activity for the whole school.

We often invite guests to come and tell everyone about their work and career – so all our learners know the possibilities open to them if they work hard.

This month we had invited a special visitor from the police.

You should have seen the look in some of the children’s eyes when they heard that someone could go to prison for two years for stealing something as small a pen.

Reading to the community

Each term. a different group of our learners visit the local community to read with the children who are unable to attend school.

This term, it was the turn of our Grade 8 girls to go with Ms Sikamikami & Mr Hara. They took our new Africa Storybooks to read – translating the stories into the children’s local languages as they did. They left a black and white copy of the story they read with every child they met.

Our learners enjoy this activity with a passion. It is especially valuable for those from more affluent homes who don’t have many opportunities to visit the poorer parts of our community.


to Warren Hambache – the first learner to have started in the Mukwashi Early Years’ class, and then to have progressed through Reception, then right through our twelve Primary and Secondary grades, and finally to have gained his National Certificate at the end of Grade 12.

After fourteen years in the Mukwashi classrooms, Warren is now hoping to become a businessman.

He says, ‘I want to be trading in and outside the country. Business is the most interesting occupation I have seen, because it helps us to explore the world’.

We’re going bananas

This term, in their Agricultural Science lessons, our Grade 12s have been learning about growing bananas.

They’ve just planted 100 banana suckers in our garden, and will nurture them right through the year. Hopefully, they’ll have harvested the fruit before they start their G12 exams.

Here’s Miyoba Mulenga planting one of her suckers very carefully, with Mr Sichinga watching to make sure she does it perfectly.

Our horticultural officer, Mr Simakwama, has also recently planted 73 fruit trees (oranges, guavas, tangelos, nectarines, melons and mangos) so that all our secondary Agricultural Science pupils can learn both practically and academically.

In a few years’ time, there should be fresh fruit for all our learners almost every day of the year.

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