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School re-opening

Judah Sikamikami, Head Teacher

The government has announced schools may re-open on 1st June for examination year classes (Grade 7, 9 & 12 only). 

Officials from GMoE have inspected the school, and have given us the ‘all clear’ to re-open. They congratulated us on our disinfected classrooms, handwashing facilities and supplies of sanitiser and soap. 

For now, pupils are required to wear a mask to school. We will train pupils to make their own masks and will supply the materials for them to use. 

As the school was closed two weeks before the end of Term 1, parents who are up-to-date with their fees will not have to pay for the first two weeks of Term 2. We will notify parents about the fees for Terms 2 & 3 when the government provides the revised dates. 

‘We are looking forward to welcoming our exam pupils back on Monday, June 1st. Our dedicated staff have been working 24/7 to ensure the school is safe, and they are ready to provide pupils with first-class instruction and care. Your child’s safety is our top priority.’

Judah Sikamikami, Head Teacher