Grade 12

Registered, Ready & Results

This past December, for the first time in fourteen years, Mukwashi’s certificate level pupils (Grades 7, 9 and 12) completed the national exams in their own classrooms!  

This is a huge step forward for the school, and a welcome change for our children and young people who, until now, have always had to travel long distances by bus to sit the national exams. We were also happy (and a little smug) to welcome pupils from the non-registered schools in the region who came to sit their exams with us.  

Grade 12
Some of our Grade 12 class, minutes after they’d finished their final exam on 29th December.  


We are proud to announce that 100% of our Grade 12 pupils passed their national examinations — with all attaining the school certificate which allows them to progress to tertiary education. This was a magnificent performance.

In comparison, across all other Zambian schools (including high-ranking boarding schools and STEM schools with discriminatory selection policies) only 63% of G12 pupils passed the exams.

We’re also pleased to report that, once again, 100% of our Grade 7 pupils passed their national examinations.

Even better, 74% of them achieved Division One or Two, when – on average – only 43% of children at other schools across Zambia achieved the same. Mukwashi did well!

Our Grade 9 results were less impressive, with only 48% of our pupils achieving the level which, in Zambia, allows them to progress to Grades 10, 11 & 12. However, 40% of our Grade 9s only just missed the mark, and need to retake only one or two subjects to advance to Upper Secondary.