First class tuition

Smaller Classes + higher marks in exams + modern facilities

We are a licensed pre, primary and secondary school founded in 2006. 

Computers & Tablets
Your child will learn with computers & iPads for secondary pupils.
safe and affordable transport

The school bus provides safe and affordable transport along the Mumbwa Road.


Your child will have access to a ‘state-of-the-art’ science laboratory, computers & iPads, a library with over 1,000 books, and a garden for practical work. We also recently built new toilets for adolescent girls.

We prize academic excellence, but value good character, humility and selflessness even more highly.

First class tuition = better performance

We have dedicated classes for every year from preschool through to Grade 12. Your child will enjoy smaller class sizes, and being taught by longer-serving staff, than other schools.

In Grades 8 & 9, we offer all compulsory subjects plus computer studies. We provide the Agricultural Science pathway in Grades 10-12 and combine this with business subjects.

Our staff are some of the best trained, with a senior education professor at Oxford University overseeing their development.

Mukwashi is a registered exam centre for Grades 7, 9 & 12, so your child will take their national exams at our school.

Our specialist subjects include:

Agricultural Science
Computer Studies
Religious Education
Social Studies
Commerce & Accounts
Physical Education
Business Studies
Civic Education

Staff Responsibilities:

  • Mr J Sikamikami
    Head Teacher, Civic Education
  • Ms M Sakuwaha
    Deputy Head, English, Social Studies
  • Mr G Siankwebo
    Mathematics, Science
  • Mr C Shamufundo
    Mathematics, Computer Studies
  • Mr C Mwachiyaba
    Agricultural Science, Biology
  • Mr N Jumo
    Business Studies, Commerce & Accounts
  • Ms M Sikamikami
    Grade 4
  • Ms M Mbosha
    Grade 3
  • Ms A Nkonge
    Grade 2
  • Ms K Chibinga
    Reception, Grade 1
  • Ms J Moono
    Early Years
  • Ms M Lubinda
    Early Years Teaching Assistant
  • Mr W Kahinga
    Transport Officer
  • Ms T Mbewe
    Housekeeping Officer
  • Mr V Simakwama

    Horticultural Officer

Overseas friends = lower fees

International friends provide half our costs to keep your fees as low as possible. Your child will receive a free cooked meal every day, and we have exciting plans for even better facilities.

Fifty free places are available each year through our bursary programme.

A team of Zambian and international experts oversee the school’s management and finances.

We value every pupil equally, and focus on helping each one develop a strong foundation for future success.


Pupil at Mukwashi Trust School

“I am Elvis, I’m seventeen. I started school at Mukwashi when I was five. At the beginning, I wasn’t doing well and didn’t understand much, but the teachers were very patient with me. 

My father died when I was twelve, and my mother couldn’t continue to support me financially as she earns very little. I was about to stop school, but the teachers heard and arranged for me to have a free bursary place. I’m now in grade eleven and doing well: my dream is to become a farmer… .”

Our pupils in Grades 10-12  follow the agricultural science pathway

In Zambia, in addition to core subjects like English and Maths, every school must provide its pupils with practical knowledge, skills and experience in one particular area — as a ‘pathway’ to subsequent training or employment.

As we serve the mainly farming community of Lusaka West, we decided Agricultural Science was the best pathway for our secondary pupils. We combine this with Business Studies and Accounts & Commerce to train our pupils into thinking about agriculture as a proper business and important career.

This combination of Agricultural Science and Business subjects gives our pupils the knowledge, skills and values which we believe every child in our rural locality needs to serve our community and help it prosper.

  • Outdoor learning

  • Reaping the rewards

  • Practical teaching

  • Working garden

  • Science and nature

To reserve a place for your child, contact: